Reversing Asthma With Dietary Changes

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Asthma can be a really scary disease for children and adults. Imagine that you are suddenly gasping for air and are terrified that you might die.

Some people have died from an asthma attack. Fortunately, there are medical solutions these days. Many adults and children have to carry around inhalers, which are first aid units that help to open up the breathing airways and contribute to relaxed breathing.

If you suffer from asthma, there are some things that you can also do to change your diet. It takes awhile for the total cure to kick in, but you will see improvements in how you feel and a lessening in the number of attacks if you change your diet.

Some people have adopted a vegan or a vegetarian regimen and overcome asthma within a year. There are studies to back this up and it is a viable solution to a serious breathing problem.

So, just what effect does diet have on breathing? Well, one thing is with the dairy products. Eighty percent of the protein found in milk is called casein.

It is something that is used to make the glue in duct tape, furniture glue, and glue for beer labels. Just think how consuming something that produces a great glue could also have a glue-type effect on a persons’ body.

This casein produces histamines which contribute towards mucus in the nose and lungs. And, if the cells in the lungs get clogged up with a glue-like substance, breathing can be impaired.

Research has proven the connection between asthma and milk. It’s not the pet hair, dander, or cockroaches that poor people have to deal with in getting asthma, it’s the free milk and cheese that is given to them by the government.

There has been a terrible scourge of asthma in black children living in the Bronx or poor neighborhoods of New York. The parents were given welfare food items that were causing the incidences of asthma in their children.

What else could they do when they were so poor? They needed food and they were given plenty of milk and cheese.

African Americans also tend to have a lactose intolerance genetically, so this must have been a difficult ordeal for them to have to go through. There have been substantial studies linking the connection of asthma to dairy consumption or beef.

People who have had asthma have participated in various studies to see what diets would help with reversing and preventing asthma. Getting off the dairy products brought great relief as well as eliminating beef.

It appears that a vegan or vegetarian diet, raw or cooked is a good solution to a serious breathing problem. Get rid of the main cause and the symptoms of asthma disappear. Children can live without fear or a need to carry an inhaler.

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